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In recent years, statutes have been added to the California Penal Code that make it illegal to look in, take pictures of, and use video cameras in areas where one knows another will be, and will have an expectation of privacy in.

While these statutes may be new, prosecutors are taking the offenses very seriously. Depending on a person’s behavior, these cases may be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony offense.

If you are being charged with any type of “peeking” crime, you need lawyers that have had experience with these new statutes on your side. At WILL & WILL, LLP, our team of former prosecutors and career defense attorneys have handled all sorts of “peeking” cases. We are familiar with the many elements that prosecutors must prove in these cases, as well as what defenses are effective. If you’re facing “peeking” charges, call or contact WILL & WILL, LLP via our online consultation form immediately.

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