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At WILL & WILL, LLP, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys handle adult and juvenile criminal cases. Our team of juvenile defense lawyers has represented minors charged with all sorts of drug-related offenses, such as possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs, possession with the intent to sale any of the aforementioned drugs, and any related offenses and/or enhancements such as gang affiliations, etc... Our attorneys are often successful in getting charges dismissed, pleading to lesser charges and/or having the minor placed in a diversion program to avoid conviction and a criminal record. Furthermore, in convictions and guilty pleas in juvenile court, the skilled lawyers from WILL & WILL, LLP often convince the court to divert the minor to an alternative program that avoids juvenile detention center incarceration. The punishment in juvenile court can include probation, special camps, foster care and deferred entry judgments.

Minors Being Tried as Adults

Children over age 16 can be certified as adults for serious or violent crimes in California. The experienced and knowledgeable former prosecutors and career defense attorneys at WILL & WILL, LLP have successfully argued in fitness hearings against having juveniles certified to stand trial in adult court. (In juvenile court, a minor is entitled to a court trial but not a trial by jury.)

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