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Pre-trial conferences are meetings that occur between your WILL & WILL, LLP defense attorney and a deputy district attorney. These conferences usually take place in a private room behind the actual courtroom which will hear your case. The pre-trial conferences are an opportunity for your experienced and knowledgeable DUI defense attorney to negotiate and/or discuss your case with a deputy district attorney. While in some cases, a good deal may be worked out at your first pre-trial, some cases can take 2, 3 or even 4 pre-trials before our attorneys either get the deal they were looking for, or know they have hit a dead end.

At the pre-trial conferences, your WILL & WILL, LLP lawyer will discuss the mitigating factors of your case that weigh in your favor in an attempt to reach an agreeable result either with the D.A. or with the judge. Furthermore, if more discovery exists that we are not in possession of, we will make a request for any and all outstanding discovery. Sometimes, motions will be argued in front of the court during a pretrial hearing. For example, your WILL & WILL, LLP lawyer might have felt that the probable cause to stop you was lacking and may bring a motion to suppress all evidence based on that lack of probable cause to have stopped you in the first place. If we reach a settlement of the case that everyone is happy with, we can enter your plea to the court at the next pretrial, either with you being present, or through a notarized plea.

If you were charged with Misdemeanor DUI, your presence is not required at these hearings. Your WILL & WILL, LLP lawyer will appear on your behalf. Often, when our clients elect to appear, they end up sitting in the courtroom and waiting for us to do our work for anywhere from ½ an hour to several hours. This can be very frustrating when you do not know the system well. The deputy district attorneys are usually not willing to speak with you but would rather discuss your case directly with your defense attorney. A WILL & WILL, LLP lawyer will always call you after a pre-trial conference has been had in your case and fully discuss what took place.

If you have been charged with Felony DUI, your presence is required by the court at all hearing dates, including pre-trials.

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