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In some DUI cases, your WILL & WILL, LLP attorney may suggest filing a 1538.5 motion on your behalf. This is a motion to suppress evidence. This motion is normally brought when your lawyer believes that the officer did not have probable cause to stop and/or contact you. If the court grants the motion, then the entire DUI case against you falls apart for the District Attorney’s office and they should dismiss the case against you. If the motion is denied by the judge, then the case proceeds as normal and is either set for another pre-trial conference to try and re-negotiate the case, or is set for jury trial, whichever the client prefers.

Most DUI cases get resolved short of jury trial. However, there are a small percentage of cases that do go to trial. At a jury trial, twelve (12) jurors from the community are selected by your attorney and the deputy district attorney prosecuting your case to hear and decide the outcome of a trial. The prosecution puts their case on first. Normally, they will call the arresting officer, a criminalist, and any other witnesses, if necessary. Your WILL & WILL, LLP lawyer will cross-examine each and every one of the prosecution's witnesses and may call their own witnesses and experts to testify on your behalf. All twelve (12) jurors must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the you are guilty before you can be convicted.

The decision as to whether to go to trial is entirely up to the client. We will discuss with you all the advantages and disadvantages, risks and benefits as well as any defenses available to you.

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