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When being sentenced by a judge, he/she can, per an agreement worked out by one of your attorneys from WILL & WILL, LLP, permit you to do electronic monitoring/home confinement as an alternative to straight jail time. In some counties, there are restrictions as to who is eligible for these programs. Usually, those convicted of misdemeanor crimes, and some felonies, are eligible. Those who are ineligible have been convicted of a violent crime or have a prior conviction for a violent crime, regardless of whether it is for a misdemeanor or felony offense.

You should also know that the judge is not the deciding factor in whether you ultimately get into such a program. After sentencing, the judge sends you to probation to apply for the electronic monitoring/home confinement program. It is ultimately up to the probation department to determine whether or not to allow you to attend. While this sounds like a risky proposition, it is not. It costs the county and the state a great deal of money to keep people in jail. Programs such as these allow the county and the state to save money because the cost of electronic monitoring/home confinement is paid for by you. Before we request this option on your behalf, your lawyer will discuss the additional costs of the electronic monitoring/home confinement program with you.

Electronic monitoring/home confinement allows you to wear an electronic bracelet around your ankle so your movements can be monitored. You can go to work or school, but must stay be home during the required hours (curfew). You must, however, keep the bracelet on at all times. Probation will give you further details on the electronic ankle bracelet and what is associated with wearing it.

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