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Rather than serve a jail sentence as straight time, during the negotiation of a plea with the District or City Attorney, or to the judge, we can request that your negotiated jail sentence be served through a Cal-Trans program rather than as straight time. What this means is that you work during the daytime at a site determined by either the probation department, or the jail itself (depending on the county you are in), and you go home at night. You never spend a night sleeping in jail. In addition, like straight time, if you follow the rules of your program, you do partial time on your actual sentence rather than full time. Depending on the county you are in, the percentage will vary. The attorneys at WILL & WILL, LLP know all the intricacies of the system, including how to get you approved for one of these programs. Call us now, or fill out our online contact form, for a free consultation on your case.

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