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White Collar Crimes are generally nonviolent offenses. Often, these types of crimes involve theft and deception for the financial benefit of an employee or person in position in a corporate environment. White collar crimes, depending on the specific offense, can be prosecuted at the state and/or federal level. At WILL & WILL, LLP, our attorneys have experience defending against all types of white collar crimes. If you have been, or believe you will be, charged with a white collar offense, you need experienced lawyers that know the system and the potential penalties you face. In many cases, we can negotiate your case so you only pay monetary penalties. Without such aid, you face the possibility of going to prison. Some common examples of white-collar offenses include the following:

  • tax evasion
  • securities fraud
  • insider trading
  • antitrust violations
  • embezzlement
  • theft of trade secrets
  • extortion
  • larceny
  • purjury
  • bribery
  • forgery
  • counterfeiting
  • money laundering
  • computer / internet fraud
  • phone / telemarketing fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • government fraud

WILL & WILL, LLP is a well known southern California law firm with many years of practice in handling white collar crimes. Our attorneys are former prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys that have a great deal of knowledge in this arena and have seen it from both sides. If you have been, or may be, charged with a white collar crime, you need aggressive defense attorneys fighting on your behalf. We know that many white collar crimes are difficult for the prosecution to prove, especially where the accused are highly intelligent people who know the business they have committed crimes against and thus, knew how to hide their activities well. We have the ability and knowledge required to assess your case quickly and let you know where you stand. Contact us now. Call or fill out our online form for a free consultation.


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